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DriveNets Network Cloud Administrator

Course Overview

Discover how to install, administer, and manage the lifecycle of a DriveNets Network Cloud router
You will learn:
  • The DriveNets Network Cloud architecture
  • The deployment process and orchestration tools
  • How to perform monitoring and administration tasks
Target audience

Installation teams, system administrators, integrators, anyone who installs, deploys and manages the DriveNets Network Cloud solution.



DriveNets Certified Network Cloud Administrator

Content Details

This module introduces the objectives and key topics of the course with the tools to perform the multiple hands-on assignments.

This module looks at the hardware and software architectures, the different data flows (data, control, management) and the supported features.

This module looks at software containers, packages and cluster internal communication.

This module explains the base OS and DNOS functionalities and introduces the zero-touch provisioning process for deployment.

This module is about the planning, installation and preparation of the hardware lab (nodes, connectors, cables, Base OS).

This module is about the DriveNets Orchestrator  (DNOR) platform installer and zero-touch installation of a Network Cloud element in a standalone or cluster configuration.

This module is about the DriveNets Orchestrator (DNOR) installation and setup for redundancy.

This module is about the verification of the Network Cloud element installation process.

This module is a 100% hands-on work on installing a Network Cloud element (standalone and cluster modes).

This module describes the deployment process of a Network Cloud cluster using DriveNets Orchestrator.

This module describes the monitoring capabilities of a cluster.

This module describes the upgrade, security and operational aspects of a Network Cloud cluster.

This is a hands-on lab test.



March 25 - March 26, 2022
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$ 1,190

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2 days

Skill level




Final exam

Hands-on test


Eli manages all training activities for DriveNets. He has 20 years of experience in technical training for IP routing, security and mobile networks from Cisco, Alvarion and Matrix.
Eran knows all the details about DriveNets Network Cloud. He has 15 years of experience in technical training from Nice and Elbit systems.