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DriveNets Network Cloud Operator

Course Overview

Learn how to configure, operate and troubleshoot a DriveNets Network Cloud router
You will learn:
  • The DriveNets disaggregated distributed network cloud architecture
  • How to administrate, operate, and troubleshoot a Network Cloud cluster
  • The DriveNets orchestration platform
  • The DriveNets Network Operating System (DNOS) CLI
  • The DNOS implementation of routing protocols and network services
Target audience

Network engineers and NOC teams who want to be on top of the latest Cloud networking technology

Network engineers who need to operate DriveNets Network Cloud


Prior knowledge of IP Networking and routing protocols

DriveNets Certified Network Cloud Operator

Content Details

This module introduces the objectives and the main topics of the course.

This module looks at the hardware and software architectures, the different data flows (data, control, management) and the supported features (multiple hands-on assignments).

This module looks at software containers, packages and cluster internal communication.

This module introduces DriveNets Orchestrator (DNOR) and the platform installer.

This module presents DNOS CLI (commands, logics...) with hands-on configuration assignments.

This module presents the cluster management platform and capabilities.

This module presents the different interfaces with hands-on assignments on interface configuration, IPV4/IPV6 setup and more.

This module presents RIB/FIB table implementation, routing tables, policies and more.

This module presents access lists, NetFlow, BFD functionalities and more.

This module presents Netconf, Yang, gRPC capabilities and more.

This module is about system monitoring, log files and debug commands.

This module is about troubleshooting Network Cloud clusters.

This module is about tech support (files, processes).

This is a hands-on lab test.



At A Glance






4 days

Skill level




Final exam

Hands-on test


Eli manages all training activities for DriveNets. He has 20 years of experience in technical training for IP routing, security and mobile networks from Cisco, Alvarion and Matrix.
Eran knows all the details about DriveNets Network Cloud. He has 15 years of experience in technical training from Nice and Elbit systems.